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The WritePass Story

Who am I?

Hi, my name’s Ty, an MBA graduate from a London Business School and I understand that as a student, you may have an issue with the quality of module assessments or dissertations that you hand in. You are probably very intelligent but just cannot do it right; mostly because of your language, work load, the analysis required, plagiarism or referencing.

Why I started WritePass

There was this lady who had been studying a 1 year degree course for 3 years, and the uni kept asking her to pay. She had no idea and was way out of her depth. I had to help.

Since then (2008), we've built a service designed to ensure that you always pass. No excuse. To do that, we've recruited the best writers from top universities to give you a fighting chance in an increasingly over-rated educational system. We've assisted up to 7,000 students so far, and are committed to helping even more, like you.

How WritePass can help you?

Well... in very plain and no BS terms, we can help write, edit, proofread, review or analyse almost any kind of academic assignment you have in almost every subject.

If you're struggling and require academic writing or editing help, then contact us today.

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