Am I cheating by Using WritePass?

"I’m worried about using essay services. They look great, but a friend of mine told me that using these kinds of services is cheating. I’ve heard all about the penalties for plagiarism too, and it has put me off using WritePass, even though it sounds great. The last thing I need is to be kicked out of university for cheating! As if writing an essay isn’t stressful enough already!"

Your thoughts also?

That’s why we wanted to reassure you about using WritePass. We’ll help you get the best possible mark you can ‐ but not by cheating! WritePass isn’t about creating essays for you to pass off as your own. Rather, you need to turn the question around.

Are you cheating by using any of the journal articles or textbooks you read? Are you cheating when you read your tutor’s comments on your first dissertation draft, and amend it accordingly? No ‐ what you are doing is using these sources and feedback to improve your work.

And (hopefully!) your essay or dissertation is much better as a result. Similarly, the piece of work you commission from WritePass is like a journal article that covers exactly the ground you need to research, and an editing service rolled into one. You use the piece to improve your own work, and as a way of understanding what good academic writing looks like.

WritePass is firmly committed to an ethical and moral stance. It’s not ethical to submit work, which you haven’t written ‐ and it will be against your university guidelines (check out the small print in your student handbook if you don’t believe us!).

  • We don’t condone plagiarism,
  • We don’t provide essays for you to plagiarise,
  • We don’t do the work for you, and
  • We don’t believe you’ll get away with it if you try to pass off someone else’s work as your own.

For further information about what you should do when you receive an essay or dissertation from us, refer to our Terms of Use.

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