2.1, B or 60+ Quality Projects

  • What it means: We will only accept a project if we believe that we can provide you with a 2.1, B or 60+ quality assignment.
  • How we ensure this works: We only recruit MA, MSc or PhD writers that have graduated with a minimum 2.1. grade (or equivalent) in their respective subject area. We also review each assignment before it’s sent out, and ensure the quality is on par with what you expect.


Money Back and Refunds

  • What it means: If you fail, get a lower grade, miss your deadline or are generally unhappy with the service you have received from us, then you may be entitled to a discount or refund. We take quality of service very seriously and aim to provide outstanding service to all our clients. For more information, click there to read our Money Back and Refunds Policy.


Best Quality Work Always

  • What it means: We will never compromise on the quality of your work, nor ask you to pay a cheaper price for a substandard grade. We will always do the best we can to offer you the highest standard assistance possible.
  • How we ensure this works: We run each project through a series of internal quality checks to ensure that every piece of work that is completed by a writer fulfils the top-quality requirements we demand from them. For additional information, you may read our Order Process.


Unlimited Amendments

  • What it means: Every client is entitled to unlimited amendments until they are happy with the final product.
  • How we ensure this works: We establish a close one-to-one relationship with you, and also regularly communicate with the writers and researchers to make sure that the essay is produced to the highest standard. They are also aware of our unlimited amendments policy, so once you send it back to us, we have them address it as soon as they can.


No Plagiarism, Ever

  • What it means: You will never receive plagiarised or copied content from WritePass. Every piece of work that is handed to you will be custom written just for you, and will never be handed or sold to anyone else.
  • How we ensure this works: We work with the latest plagiarism detection software used by most universities in the UK. If you have any doubts, you could request a plagiarism report. Each work is scanned and checked internally before you get it.


Always on Time

  • What it means: Your work will be provided to you on or before your agreed deadline.
  • How we ensure this works: We work closely with our writers to ensure they are on target for completion by the deadline as set by you. We send them notifications beforehand, and ask them to send it to us a few days before your stated deadline.


Pay Only a Deposit and in Instalments

  • What it means: You can choose to pay only half of the full payment for your first project, and for lengthy projects we could deliver it as you wish.
  • How we ensure this works: We have a flexible payment system that allows you to structure your payment over a period of time; all at no extra cost. We accept 50% deposit for orders and you may pay in instalments until your work is complete.


Only Relevant Writers

  • What it means: The order would only be written by a writer qualified to write on that subject, and who can genuinely guarantee 2.1. standard assistance.
  • How we ensure it works: Only a writer with a degree in that subject and relevant qualifications would be asked to have your work done.


Absolute Discretion

  • What it means: We understand that our customers need privacy, and we shall grant it at all cost.
  • How we ensure this works: We will never disclose or divulge your information to anyone else. Even if you have referred any friends to us, we will never tell your friends that you have used us. We will never pass on or sell any personal information onto third parties.


Speak to your Writer

  • What it means: You can now speak to the writer in charge of delivering your project, so that you can explain your points better, and clarify any issues
  • How we ensure it works: We set up conference calls between yourself and the writer, so you can speak with them. This is really useful for dissertations, where your feedback is crucial.

Last updated 15/10/2014. All guarantees are subject to our Terms and Conditions.