Dissertation on Training and Development

Q:  Training and development strategies of the organisation
asked Oct 26, 2011 in Dissertations by anonymous

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A: I imagine you are thinking from a H.R management point of view, for which I believe a good title for your dissertation may be, for example: "investigating the link between training and development strategies to organizational performance improvement". This would be a good topic for you because there is a wealth of literature on the topic, and conducting primary research for it would be straightforward.

I believe it would be essential to identify "why" organizations look to train and develop employees. A large part of this is to encourage employees to "learn". Learn about the company culture, organizational processes and new skills. Some organizations are better at this than others; for example Google is one of the leaders in encouraging employees to learn, while other companies are much more rigid in what they train employees to do.
answered Oct 26, 2011 by anonymous